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How to take the Measurements for Sewing

Measuring accurate size for sewing a dress is very important. A dress looks elegant when it is sewed according to the size of the person who is going to wear it.

Following are the instructions to follow to get the best results for measurements.

Tips for Measurements

•    First of all, take the measurement in a relaxed mood while leaving your body in a comfortable gesture.

•    Put on those undergarments you normally wear to get the accurate findings.

•    Hold the measuring tape with a light grip. Holding it so tight can result in wrong measurements.

•    Get the help of a friend because it is not a wise decision to take our measurements yourself.

•    It is recommended to get a flexible tape for body measurements as you have to tie the tape around our body to get the measurements.

Sample Measurement Chart

Write down this chart on a paper or get it printed for writing down the measurements you take.

Body Measurement - Your Measurement

•    Length
•    Bust    
•    High Bust    
•    Waist
•    Shoulder    
•    Sleeves Length    
•    Hip
•    Trouser Length    

How to take the measurements

Full Length: For taking full length size of a shirt, stand against a wall or straight surface without wearing shoes.Start by putting the measuring tape on your shoulder line and bring it down to the desired length of your shirt while keeping the distance from the floor.

Bust size: for correct bust measurements, bind the tape around fullest part and take it across your back.

Shoulder Measurement: Get your shoulder measurement done by taking the figures from corner of the neck till starting point of your arm

High Bust: high bust measurements are taken above the bust line. Get your measuring tape around your body right below the underarms to get high bust figures

Waist Size: for waist measurement, it is recommended to tie an elastic around your waist and then get the figures b measuring the elastic length through a measuring tape.

HipSize: tie the measuring tape around your hip line and get the hip measurements.

SleevesLength: measure the sleeve length starting from the endpoint of your shoulder till the desired sleeves length.

Trouser Length: Get your trouser length from your hip bone till our feet. Do not get this measurement while wearing shoes as it might result in a product larger than your size.BY following these guidelines, you can sew a dress which looks elegant and just like a ready-made designer dress
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